The 10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs In 2015

Digital marketing is one of the fastest moving industries anywhere. So whether you’re a professional marketer, or a business owner whose remit includes marketing, you need to be constantly reading expert advice and news on the latest innovations. Otherwise you’ll fall behind your competitors, or miss an opportunity you never knew existed. That’s all very […]

Common PPC Myths Busted

Everyone has their perceptions and opinions when it comes to PPC advertising, these opinions are normally shaped from experience and word of mouth. In this article I will address three of the most common myths and hopefully give you the confidence to get started with Pay per Click marketing. 1. Anyone can manage PPC accounts, […]

How to Know What Website Content Is Proving Popular

Our revamped website design has been live for a month now so instead of just assuming that it is doing wonderful things for us, we’re taking a detailed look at what is working and what’s not. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy process, you can do it internally and with very low cost tools […]

How to Plan Your Online Marketing in 3 Steps

We’re in the last three months of our financial year so I am starting to think about planning our online marketing, for when the budget gets topped up. I thought it may be useful to run through some best practice advice for when you plan yours. 1. It’s never too early to plan! It’s usually […]

6 Must Do Website Content Types for 2013 – Part 1

Welcome back from a hopefully rested break (or like me an over indulgent one that saw me heading to the gym like a cliché today). If you do anything on your website this year then make sure you have these content types covered this year… 1. Get a decent blog If your website is new […]

Using Infographics for Your Website Content

For those who haven’t heard of an infographic before – they are basically a visual way of showing information and data. They’ve become more and more popular as website content in the past year as people like to read a good stat, they like to learn something new and they love to have it presented […]

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