The Importance of Google for Your Business Website

Why is Google the most important search engine when it comes to marketing your business online? When digital marketing experts talk about search engine optimisation (SEO), they often talk in terms of “optimising for Google search”. However, there are many other search engines on the market – including the likes of Bing and Yahoo. So […]

A Beginners’ Search Engine Marketing Glossary

Every business wants to be found online. Many businesses wouldn’t be able to turn a profit without making a name for themselves over the internet. Those with even a passing interest in online visibility have probably come across the term “search engine marketing” before. Search Engine Marketing or “SEM” covers a number of interrelated topics […]

Bing Beat Google to it…Disavow Links

In a previous post I blogged about a tool called Remove’em which helps website owners remove large volumes of  ‘bad’ links through one simple platform.  These are links accumulated through bad link practice in the past which is now starting to hurt rankings as a result of the Penguin update. Looks like website owners are going […]

iPhone 5, iOS 6 and its potential impact on PPC.

In the UK more people use Google then Bing. This is an undisputable fact. This is the same with both desktop and mobile driven searches. Mobile, at the moment is the highest increasing traffic source and this increase is seen mainly on Google. Some companies report a year on year 11% increase in desktop traffic […]

Tips on Creating a Search Engine-Friendly Website

Search engine optimisation – SEO – is the process of improving the way in which a website is ranked in relevant search engine results. It involves setting up the website so that it is easy to ‘read’ for search engine spiders. SEO is a continuing process, but it’s most effective when the site is optimised […]

StumbleUpon Traffic – SEO Advice

StumbleUpon is often described as a discovery search engine that finds the best on the web and delivers to the user based on their personal browsing preferences. This is a free service also available on popular web browsers and for download as an app on mobile devices. Unlike popular search engines like Google and Bing, […]

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