Designing a Website – the Basics

The three most basic considerations when planning a website are its structure, its design, and its navigation. Structure The structure of your website means how many pages it has, and what appears on each one. Even the most basic website will probably want to have: a home page a page describing what products or services […]

What Content Says About Your Business

Providing good quality, entertaining and regularly-refreshed web content shows that your business cares about providing added value to its customers. Content marketing – creating and sharing free web content – is an excellent way to reinforce customer relationships and build trust, credibility and authority in your field. Different types of web content Website content doesn’t […]

Be Social: Tips to Keep Your Company Blog Content Fresh and Engaging

Trust me, the number one challenge to writing a blog for your company is regularly coming up with new and interesting topics. You want to keep the reader engaged and wanting more. Sometimes, that is just a massive challenge! One I’ve definitely faced in my career on more than one occasion. Try not to fall […]

Be Social: Blogging for Business Essentials (Part Two)

So, by now I am trusting you have conquered the world of keywords and have done everything in your power to ensure a great mutual linking relationship betweens your blog and your company website. This allows us to move on to some other areas to make sure your company blog is as visible to your […]

Be Social: Blogging for Business Essentials (Part One)

So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to invest in a blog for your company. Great first step. The first question I have for you through, is whether anybody is reading it? Here are some essential suggestions to organically make your blog as visible to the audience you are trying to attract. Link from your […]

Five Social Media Marketing Tips for a Small Business

Making the most of social media opportunities calls for an integrated approach that uses all – or as many as possible – of the opportunities presented. The importance of image Because all social media comes with ready-made profile templates, it’s tempting to take the easy route and do the minimum. On the one hand, your […]

How Can I Track and Measure My Business’ Social Media Campaigns?

It’s vitally important to measure how well your social media campaigns perform. If you don’t, you can’t accurately know what your return on investment is – or how to improve it. Setting your goals and metrics As with all forms of marketing, the first step in tracking and measuring your social media campaigns is to […]

How Video Can Market Your Business Better Than Words

The availability of low-cost camcorders and simple editing software has brought video within the reach of most businesses. As a result, it’s now easy to create video marketing material to use alongside, or instead of, two-dimensional products such as brochures and product leaflets. Uses of business videos Video can be used for: corporate promotions – […]

Checklist: Creating a Blog Post for the First Time

If you’ve decided to write a blog for your business, here’s a handy editor’s checklist to ensure everything is good to go. If you’ve already written one or two, the beauty of online publishing means you can revisit these and make some changes, should you wish to, and then bear these points in mind for […]

How to Write a Good Blog Post Title

Once a column writer, on a newspaper or maybe a magazine, has crafted their weekly masterpiece, their attention then turns to a suitable headline to ‘sell’ what they have created. Is there a play on words or pun that could work well to grab a reader’s attention? Is there maybe a buzzword or topical reference […]

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