5 Simple Tips for Creating Compelling (and Honest) Headlines

According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people will read a headline, but only 2 out of that 10 will actually go on to read the rest. This is a truly mind-boggling statistic, but it highlights a real problem for content marketers. As more and more content gets published to the web, how can you […]

Starting a Blog for Your Small Business

Starting a blog for your business can be a foreboding experience. If you’re more in the habit of reading other company’s blogs rather than writing for your own, it can appear to be an uphill struggle. But with the right attitude and a bit of forward thinking, blogging can easily become a part of your […]

10 Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing

The term “content marketing” might sound like a bit of a “here today, gone tomorrow” marketing fad, but the last few years have taught us that content marketing is most definitely here to stay. So What is Content Marketing? The definition of content marketing is to create and distribute valuable, shareable and branded content with […]

Quality vs. Quantity in Content Marketing

“Argh, I’ve GOT to get a blog out this week. What the #@$& am I going to write about?” Familiar? Yeah. When one is trying to fulfil the 2,198 ‘must do’ marketing activities that are hot this year, one can lose sight of why content marketing works. It doesn’t work because you’re constantly bombarding the […]

5 FREE Tools to Kickstart Your Content Marketing Journey

Content marketing is one of those newfangled marketing techniques that when done right, give a company the appearance of being high tech, hip, and above all – having a substantial marketing budget. Many of us smaller businesses would love to exude this cool marketing ethos, but shy away because of our misconceptions on price. Even […]

Why You Need to Prune Your Website Content

We all know that a bit of gentle pruning allows new growth. The tired, old blossoms fall away, letting the new shoots into the sunlight to be tended and admired. It’s true of websites as it’s true of a fine clematis – but how do you go about pruning website content?   What content to […]

Why You Should Put Internal Links in Your Blog Posts

Internal links connect your new blog post to other pages on your website. They could be other related blog posts, your product or service pages, information PDF downloads, email newsletter signup… any content you think your visitors would benefit from taking a look at. Why internal links matter to you People clicking about your site […]

The Importance of Sustained Content Marketing

It seems that Google refreshes its algorithm each time we’ve just managed to catch up with the last bout of changes and updated our websites accordingly. However, one thing that every algorithm update has in common is the constant prioritisation of content quality and user experience. With all the changing approaches to link building, keyword […]

How to Do More Content Marketing

Tempting, isn’t it? To just do a blog and call it a day? It certainly is for me because I’m a writer, so words are by far the easiest thing to get together. Trouble is, it’s not necessarily the thing that’s going to get you followers, sales or whatever else you’re hoping to gain with […]

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Content Marketing Will Fail

Trends in marketing are dangerous. Everyone gets all excited, forgets what they were doing and starts piling on with little thought to why or how. Content marketing fits this bill but only if you look at its explosion in popularity over the last few years. It’s the current darling of the marketing world, but that’s […]

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