7 Tips to Keep Your Website Up to Date

Is your website up to date? A regularly updated website helps customers to find out about your business and contact you more easily. If your website hasn’t been updated in a while, it might be time for a refresh. Below are seven easy tips to help you refresh your website and make sure it is […]

How Blogging Can Improve Your Website’s SEO

Are you familiar with search engine optimisation and what it means for your business? In short, SEO is optimising the content on your website or webpage using specific keywords so that your business shows up in organic search results within search engines. The better your SEO, the higher your business will rank in search results […]

6 Excellent Blogs for Digital Marketing Beginners

When promoting your business, digital marketing can be a tough nut to crack, especially if you are totally new to the field. If you don’t have a techy bone in your body, blogs that bang on about “user retention,” “marketing automation,” and “Twitter Cards” with little to no explanation can send you running for the hills, […]

6 Must Do Website Content Types for 2013 – Part 1

Welcome back from a hopefully rested break (or like me an over indulgent one that saw me heading to the gym like a cliché today). If you do anything on your website this year then make sure you have these content types covered this year… 1. Get a decent blog If your website is new […]

Take a Leaf From Twilight – Do a Content Saga

So the final Twilight film has finally launched and I think the way they have spread their brand across half a decade is pretty impressive. Based on four books the film company saw the ROI they were getting each time a new film arrived so they even split the last one into two (final Harry […]

Get More Blog Post Views With This Tried-and-Tested Tactic

It can feel like hard work getting a blog for your business off the ground. You publish posts, and because you don’t have a following from the get-go the number of views is not likely to be high. You need to have a good store of articles within your blog, each one hopefully getting noticed […]

The Benefits of Business Blogging: Part 1

Blogging. It’s a subject that divides internet users and business owners. Some people embrace the whole concept of blogging – they write a business blog, they love reading and commenting on other people’s, and they’ve probably got their own personal blog as well. Other people are sceptical about blogs, and think they’re self-indulgent, pointless, and […]

Using Educational Content to Get Web Leads

When you look at the type of content that you can have on your website it can be broken down into promotional, product/service related and educational. A lot of websites, especially in their early stages, will be focused on the first two. However the educational piece shouldn’t be undervalued – regardless of what industry they’re […]

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