How to Plan a Social PR Campaign

What’s a social PR campaign? It takes the goals of a traditional PR campaign – raising brand awareness and sentiment – but keeps costs down and activity in-house. It’s PR for the digital age and the minimal budget. The beauty of free community platforms for our brands is that even a small business can run […]

How to Turn an Event into Content

If you’re in the business of using content to build a community of future and current buyers, y’all know how hard it is to keep things fresh. There’s only so many ‘9 ways to get more from your vacuum cleaner’ articles you can write, right? The brilliant thing about content marketing is that it forces […]

Is Controversy the Best Policy in Marketing?

Making a big splash and getting people talking has been a marketing tactic since marketing began. Brands from Coca-Cola to Harvey Nichols have launched campaigns that make bold statements about sex, drugs, equality and any number of other close-to-the-mark issues. But there is such a thing as too far, which big brands can deal with […]

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