What Strategy IS – An Article For Non-Strategists

I’ve been chewing over what strategy is for a long time – before I was even aware that’s what I was trying to get a hold on. Since COVID-19 started doing its thing, I’ve been doing a strategy course by a genius called Mark Pollard. It’s made me realise that, despite being relegated to ‘the […]

How to Measure Your Brand’s Success

Your brand is beautiful. You know investing money in it makes sense, to grow awareness and support other areas of the marketing strategy. You’ll feel when it’s working and when it’s not because you know your brand inside out. But dude, we HAVE to measure our results. Number one: it helps us make decisions in […]

How Welcoming Is Your Online Marketing Activity?

When I go to websites as a consumer, I find myself quite judgmental of companies whose websites and online marketing activity don’t make me feel welcome. With such vast choice at the tips of my fingers, I want websites to make me feel like I’ve just checked into a luxury hotel with a platinum card […]

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