Bidding on Brand – the Eternal Debate!

Whether to include your brand keywords in your PPC campaigns and bid on these brand terms has always been a hot topic of discussion. It can be very hard to justify to your finance team and senior managers why budget should be spent on these terms, especially when your company website will already be showing […]

Tis the Season – PPC for the Festive Period

The lights are up, the Christmas parties are in the diary and before you know it the festive season will be truly upon us. To get the best out of your Online Marketing during the Christmas period it is time to focus on your PPC account.  We know that Pay-per-Click advertising is a great for […]

Should You Use Ad Scheduling?

A lot of smaller companies use the AdWords ad scheduling functionality to set their campaigns to display at certain days of the week and times of the day. In this post I will share how to implement ad scheduling and also offer my opinion as to when it should be used as I do not […]

The Google PPC Adwords Editor – How to Use It

I mentioned in my last blog that I was going to discuss the PPC Google Adwords editor tool, so here we are. The adwords editor tool is a brilliant offline tool which allows you to build your campaigns efficiently, duplicate them, add negative keywords in bulk, edit match types in bulk, add adverts and yes..in […]

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