Why Every Small Business Owner Should Use Experiential Marketing

What’s New in Marketing? Marketing and promotion funnels can often seem out of date or irrelevant or even, after a while, may just stop working completely which can leave you feeling helpless. Especially when you’ve no doubt invested time, money and effort into seeking more business. Innovative methods of marketing are becoming increasingly available to […]

4 Important Business Lessons To Learn From The General Election

On June 8th, the country went to the polls. The people voted and the results were different to those predicted only a few short months ago. Something changed. This article will be looking at the business lessons learned from the election and has no political agenda or bias. 1) Never Assume You Know What Your […]

The Biggest Marketing Mistake Made By Businesses Today

I’m sure you’ll agree that marketing is an essential part of any business. Without it, the business dies. So, with this in mind, what is the biggest marketing mistake made by business owners that is stopping them and possibly you, from gaining more business success? The answer is simple…but not easy! You’ve probably heard many […]

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Marketing Budget

One of the most critical elements in a successful business, is developing a marketing plan that delivers great results. Whilst larger businesses have a huge marketing budget (and generally waste a great deal, if not all of it on “brand building”), the smaller business just don’t have the funds and must make their marketing count. […]

How To Build A Simple And Effective Marketing Engine – Part 2

In the first part of my article I commented that the old style marketing funnel is obsolete. Only the savvy up-to-date marketers have understood this and adapted to the new “information age.” In this article you will discover what you need to change to attract a prospect, retain their interest (a key point) and lead […]

Help My Business Is Failing – Part 1

Over the years, I’ve helped many business owners solve their biggest challenges. The most difficult calls or emails I receive are from accountants, insolvency practitioners or bankers asking for help because a business client is in trouble, with a risk of failure. Having saved a high percentage of these companies from the brink, I thought […]

How To Build An Effective Marketing Engine – Part 1

The “old school” teaching and views on marketing are considered by some to be relics, gone for good. Ladies and gentlemen, we have been in the “information age” for a number of years. If you haven’t embraced it, then you could be losing considerable sales opportunities to your more savvy, internet-friendly, marketing driven competitors. Traditional […]

Find Out How To Build The Prestige Of Your Business With A Video

Is Building Prestige Vainglorious? I make all kinds of videos and films for clients. I have mostly made educational and corporate films in the last two years but there is still a proportion of my work which is taken up with producing marketing videos. When I first started out as a freelance film maker for […]

Maximise Your Video Marketing Investment By Going Offline

You probably think in terms of which websites and which social media channels you can use to get your video marketing seen. It’s only natural, after all videos need a screen to be played, to be seen. There are other places where you can use your video however, and that means getting extra value from […]

Reviewing Your One Page Marketing Plan For 2016

In an earlier article, I introduced you to the simplicity of the ‘one page marketing plan‘. This can be a highly effective marketing tool, providing much needed clarity when it is so easy to be lost with the numerous marketing platforms you are expected to utilize in your business today. Of course, one of the […]

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