Four Key Tips on How to Release Your Video Online

Let’s imagine that you have a small business that has gone to the effort of creating a marketing video. It’s new, it’s shiny, it will have people flocking to your business – if they see it. Let’s imagine that you don’t have an enormous budget to get the video to pop up on every news feed and […]

The Importance of a Great Beginning for a Marketing Video

“A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct” – Dune, Frank Herbert Some of the greatest writing in all of literature is devoted to opening lines, to beginnings. Why? Because beginnings matter. Imagine you’re in a book shop browsing through the titles trying to find something to read. Consider […]

Does Your Business Have An Invisible Guarantee?

I am often asked by entrepreneurs how they can make their product or service more attractive in their marketing. There are of course numerous ways to achieve this such as changing the design of the page or advert. One of the most often overlooked areas in marketing to make a product or service or attractive […]

How To Get New Customers With Seasonal Video Marketing

Happy Easter! “But it’s September, I’m not thinking about Easter yet”, you cry. However, if you’re a chocolate manufacturer, you are. I know there’s Christmas to come first but if you’re a chocolatier, you thought about Christmas back in the spring… and if you didn’t, you should have and you’re probably in a bit of a […]

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