7-Step Guide to Business Networking for Shy People

Though it continues to baffle those who know me personally, I can be quite introverted around strangers. I feel it is important to tell you this because I know where you’re coming from, Ms or Mr Shy Networker. I also know it can be… changed. I don’t want to use words like “beaten” because that […]

LinkedIn Groups: Have You Joined the Conversation?

Are you using LinkedIn? If not, what’s holding you back? Unlike an expensive networking conference, LinkedIn is free. You can create a basic profile for yourself or your company. There is the option to upgrade, but I’d recommend just using the free version at the start. Some people view LinkedIn as a career-climbing and recruitment tool, but it is […]

Rule No. 1 About Using Social Media

Do you feel like a newcomer to the social media world? How will you get people to take an interest in what you have to offer? Rule No. 1 about using social media to get people’s interest: Show an interest in people. One of the biggest mistakes people make about social media is assuming anyone […]

Remember When Social Media Marketing Meant Making a Phone Call?

At a recent Yell conference for small businesses and online advertising, I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely hypnotherapist/life coach who had the following to say about social media: When I first started working, we didn’t even have telephones. We had to go outside, walk a couple miles up the road and spend four […]

Want More for Your Business? Say Something Nice

Have you ever used LinkedIn to write or receive a professional testimonial? Are your clients and customers using LinkedIn — personally or as a business? Taking the time to write a testimonial is a great way to show that you value and respect your clients and partners. Plus, once you write a testimonial, LinkedIn automatically […]

Can Social Media Tools Help to Strengthen Relationships?

For small businesses, social media networking can help strengthen the business connections you already have, and allow you to connect with customers between sales. This can make collaboration and sales easier to facilitate. Strengthening relationships with business contacts Business networking creates fresh opportunities for communication with contacts. By responding to their updates and forum comments, […]

Does Social Media Just Mean Facebook and Twitter?

Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular social networking sites online. They’re useful for small businesses that want to create an interactive dialogue with their customers. However, ‘social media’ describes any kind of online communication and sharing tool that people use to build social connections. Your customers might also be using business networking sites, […]

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