Help My Business Is Failing – Part 1

Over the years, I’ve helped many business owners solve their biggest challenges. The most difficult calls or emails I receive are from accountants, insolvency practitioners or bankers asking for help because a business client is in trouble, with a risk of failure. Having saved a high percentage of these companies from the brink, I thought […]

What Is Reverse Engineering And Can It Help Your Business Succeed?

In my capacity as a business and sports coach, I have used reverse engineering successfully in so many different situations. Whilst the concept itself is really simple, the work behind the scenes and monitoring are critical to the eventual outcome. Reverse engineering is part of an overall strategic planning review. Before jumping in and explaining […]

The Often Overlooked Fourth Way to Grow Your Business

In a previous article I wrote about the three ways to grow a business. Whilst these apply to all business types, in the early days of a start-up business they are more difficult to apply.  For reference, the three ways are: 1)      Acquiring customers 2)      Increasing the average order value 3)      Increase the frequency of […]

Which Domain Name Ending Should a Business Buy?

Domain name endings – also known as top level domains (TLDs) – can be registered for up to ten years. There is a wide choice of TLDs, and deciding which one(s) to register depends on what type of business you run, how big it is and where you operate. Which endings can I choose from? […]

What Is a Good E-Commerce Business Strategy?

Developing a good e-commerce business strategy starts with the same process of planning and preparation as any other business activity. To define e-commerce, we would simply describe it as a way of doing business over the internet. Whether this is a new venture, or you want to get your existing business ready to trade online, […]

How Important Is SEO to Online Business Strategy?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an essential part of online business strategy for most businesses. There’s a simple reason: attracting new customers is a key objective for most business websites search engine optimisation can be a very cost-effective way of doing this There are a few business websites where SEO simply isn’t important: for example, […]

Is It Possible to Launch a PPC Campaign Specific to a Business?

It’s essential to make your pay per click campaign as specific as possible to your business. Every time someone clicks on your PPC advertisement it costs you money – so you only want clicks from people who want what you have to offer. To make your PPC campaign as precise as you can, you need […]

How Does an Effective Website Content Strategy Benefit a Business?

A business website can reach a global audience. You can provide enormous amounts of online content at low cost. And your website can do all sorts of things, from attracting new customers to improving customer service. That’s part of the problem. Unless you have a content strategy, you risk ending up with a website that: […]

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