6 Questions To Ask Your Business To Help Plan For Your Brexit Future

Regardless of your views on Brexit, potentially there are major changes on the way within the European Community. It is impossible to forecast the scale of these and how they will impact home markets. It was reported in the news that import costs had risen 20% due to the fall in sterling against other currencies. […]

Small Business Challenges At Christmas And How To Survive Them – Pt 3

My previous articles (Part 1 & Part 2) focused on the challenging faces businesses on the run up to Christmas. Now it’s time to provide you with some practical tips and ideas for surviving over the Christmas period. For some businesses, this continues to be peak trading with the commencement of big winter sales on […]

Small Business Challenges At Christmas And How To Survive Them – Pt 2

In my first article, I focused on businesses that benefited from the increased sales activity at Christmas time. It is also important to consider those businesses that find Christmas to be their seasonal dip in sales. So here are a few thoughts and ideas to help you if you run one of these businesses. 1.       […]

How To Build Your Business In Bad Times Part 2

In part 1 of this article, I introduced you a number of simple, yet effective strategies to boost your business during bad times. They also work very well during the good times too. In this article I’ll add a few more strategies for you to consider. Strategy #4 – Develop Your Marketing Way Beyond What […]

How To Build Your Business In Bad Times Part 1

With Britain in a state of unrest following the Brexit referendum result, market forecasters are predicting bad times ahead. With a huge cloud of uncertainty over the country, business leaders are waiting to see whether we head into yet another recession. The pessimists are predicting more doom and gloom in the UK whilst the optimists […]

The Biggest Marketing Mistake Made By Businesses Today

I’m sure you’ll agree that marketing is an essential part of any business. Without it, the business dies. So, with this in mind, what is the biggest marketing mistake made by business owners that is stopping them and possibly you, from gaining more business success? The answer is simple…but not easy! You’ve probably heard many […]

My Business Is My Pension – Part Two

In part one of this article I outlined my belief that ‘my business is my pension’ is typically a myth and the reality may be somewhat different to the dream. You then undertook a quick exercise to understand an approximate value of your business based on average net profit over the previous three years multiplied […]

My Business Is My Pension – Fact Or Myth?

“My business is my pension” – I regularly hear this phrase and believe it to be one of the biggest myths in business. You may also have heard this statement many times and possibly said it yourself. The truth is only a few smart entrepreneurs can say they have taken all of the correct measures […]

Help My Business Is Failing – Part 2

Funding a business can be difficult. When there are problems, it can be incredibly hard to convince bankers or other finance institutions that your business is worth backing. The key here is to ensure the primary function of the business is working well i.e. that it is capable of continuously attracting, creating and retaining a […]

What Is Reverse Engineering And Can It Help Your Business Succeed?

In my capacity as a business and sports coach, I have used reverse engineering successfully in so many different situations. Whilst the concept itself is really simple, the work behind the scenes and monitoring are critical to the eventual outcome. Reverse engineering is part of an overall strategic planning review. Before jumping in and explaining […]

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