Old School Marketing That’s Still Essential Today

When you think about it, marketing in some shape or form is bound to have been around for a good many years. For as long as people have been selling stuff, they’ve had to tell people that they’re open for business. The Gutenberg printing press may be heralded as causing a revolution in literature, but […]

5 Steps To Transform Your Business Into A Profit-Making Machine

I am often asked to help business’ transform their fortunes, from loss-making to profitable going concerns. In this article I’ll share with you one of the many tried and trusted ways that have helped businesses working across multiple industries, worldwide. This has the potential to generate huge profits for you and does not necessarily require […]

How To Make A “How To” Video

A lot of service providers think that making “How to” videos is giving away their expertise and will harm their businesses. I’m going to explain why that is the opposite of the truth and walk you through how to make a “How To” video. WHY? “How To” videos display your skills in a way that […]

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