How to Optimise Your Videos for YouTube Success

Are you producing videos to promote your business, or planning to start filming content to share online? An ever-increasing number of businesses have realised the benefits of video for marketing. With more and more video content being uploaded online every day, it’s essential to know how to optimise your videos for YouTube success in order […]

Video Could Slash Your Training Costs

I always write about the power of video to generate business and growth. The power of video to drive sales and brand awareness. How customer satisfaction and care can be improved by videos. Now I want to talk about none marketing video use. I’m going to start with using videos for training. I’m going to […]

Why EVERY Business Needs Video Marketing

Any casual Google search for “video marketing” brings up a plethora of results extolling countless virtues of using video to promote your business. But many small businesses are not joining in with the online video revolution. Many cite the expense and time taken to produce video, or feel that they don’t have the equipment and schedule […]

Your Video Marketing Needs More “You”

I recently wrote a blog about human creativity being the only thing that people truly buy (read it here). I want now to elaborate on the suggestions I gave then for displaying your creativity. I also want to talk about displaying you in your marketing videos and why they need more “you”. Many business people […]

Maximise Your Video Marketing Investment By Going Offline

You probably think in terms of which websites and which social media channels you can use to get your video marketing seen. It’s only natural, after all videos need a screen to be played, to be seen. There are other places where you can use your video however, and that means getting extra value from […]

Four Key Tips on How to Release Your Video Online

Let’s imagine that you have a small business that has gone to the effort of creating a marketing video. It’s new, it’s shiny, it will have people flocking to your business – if they see it. Let’s imagine that you don’t have an enormous budget to get the video to pop up on every news feed and […]

5 Practical Ways To Brand Your Video Marketing

Does your company have a name? Does your company have a logo? Does your company have colours that you use on your marketing material? A shop front? A specific Font? These are all great things to have and you should be using these to brand your video marketing. You need to enhance your company identity in […]

Find out the Benefits of Having a Business Video

Hello, I’m Elaine and I’m the Product Manager for Video at Yell. And I’m here to talk to you today about why online video can benefit your business. So YouTube is now the second biggest search engine and they have over a billion users. With the growth of social, video usage is soaring as people now […]

5 Golden Rules For Crowd-Sourcing Your Marketing Videos

The internet is a vast web of human creativity where, by any practical measure, you can find anything. I’ve just watched a video mash-up of Doctor Who video clips with the music of Eminem mixed with the theme from Benny Hill and, to be honest, it was brilliant… if crazy. You can watch it here. […]

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