Increase Your Conversion Rate With These Six Compelling Calls To Action

“Contact us to find out more!” “Click here for more information!” “Visit our website!” Many calls to action, when they’re present at all, stand out like the socially awkward guest at a party after one too many drinks. Complete with an inevitably inappropriate exclamation mark and a desperate command, these call to actions are weak, […]

Five Content Marketing Mistakes you Need to Stop Making

Content is king… they repeat, over and over again! Yes, we know that content is very important but if you’re doing it wrong, it’s not king – oh it’s not even princely. It’s more like the court jester. So how do you make sure that your content is working for you? Well, you can start […]

Six Ways to Craft a Great Call to Action

Read to the end of this blog post and you’ll become a millionaire. If only that were true. But it got your attention, didn’t it? No matter whether you’re selling products online, promoting an event or simply want to get people to sign up to your newsletter, your call to action (CTA) is crucial. It’s what gets your website visitors […]

AdWords Call-Only Campaigns: Why You Should Use Them

Does your business generate many of its leads or sales over the phone? If the answer is yes, Google’s introduction of call-only AdWords campaigns was a significant update that could make PPC advertising much more effective for you. What is a call-only AdWords campaign? For some time now, advertisers on AdWords have been able to […]

10 Top Tips for Increasing Your Website Conversion Rates

When you have a website, the main goal is to motivate the website user to take an action of some sort – this could be to sign up to your newsletter, to buy a product, to simply contact you or perhaps download an ebook you’ve created. The goal is to get as many website visitors […]

Show Them the Way: Using Directives in Domain Names

The importance of having an attention grabbing, enticing call to action has been touted by marketing and advertising experts for decades; it is absolutely vital to give potential customers a very good reason to pick up the phone – or they won’t pick it up, it is as simple as that. So what does this […]

Click Here Now to Discover the One Fatal Mistake Websites Make

In order to sell the thing you’re trying to sell, you need visitors to your site to take some form of action: to call you, buy now, visit you, sign up and so on. The mistake so many websites make is they do not tell their visitors what action they need to take. They don’t […]

Using Statistics to Solve Problems on Your Website Will Improve Performance

This is the second blog post recounting some of the pearls of wisdom Guy Levine from Return on Digital imparted at the recent Business Start-up Show in Earls Court. He made a number of good points about simple changes to your website that can increase leads and conversions, please see here for more information. Guy […]

5 Form Components for Awesome Forms

I’ve previously written a simple article about the traditional form elements available to web designers but that’s not a comprehensive list of everything you should include on your web forms. There are a number of key components which will truly engage your users, improve accessibility and conversion resulting in happier users. 1. Client side validation/errors […]

Designing Your Business Website’s Landing Page

A landing page is a marketing web page intended to persuade the visitor to fulfil a task: like signing up for a web application or an email list, or buying a product. Landing pages are often accessed by someone clicking an online advertisement. An important metric for measuring the success of your landing page are […]

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