Marketing Tips For Builders

The building and construction sector is having a bit of a difficult time at the moment. Brexit uncertainty has caused some people to put big money items like building projects on hold, and the bad weather we had at the beginning of 2018 delayed many building projects. On the positive side, if people are looking […]

How to Write a Powerful Business Case Study

So, what is a case study and why do you need one? A case study is an excellent way to demonstrate a business product or service and its benefits, in particular, how it worked for one of your clients. Think of it as a longer, more detailed testimonial. Case studies can be used to convince, […]

Usability Case Study #3: Debenhams

Charting somewhat unfamiliar territory this week as I browse high-street retailer websites – because it’s still better than shopping in person.  I’m after a jumper for my brother’s birthday, but just couldn’t face the Saturday crowds, so retreated back to the online world. My brief was fairly simple: a good-quality, cream-coloured jumper, large, preferably knitted. […]

Usability Case Study #2: Halifax

Halifax recently unveiled a new-look secure area.  So what makes this more usable than the previous design?  And how could it be even better? Most popular functions brought to home page I’m guessing their site analysis has identified that making payments and transfers are the most popular activites, so they’ve surfaced these on the home […]

Usability Case Study #1: Tesco

You know when you’ve had something on your to-do list for ages, and when you finally get round to doing it, it was so much easier than you’d thought? And you wonder why you didn’t get round to it earlier?  That was me and home shopping.  I buy almost everything else online, but for some […]

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