Be A Content Medic: Nine Steps To Solving Your Readers’ Problems

According to writer Kayla Matthews, 70% of people that purchase do so to solve a problem. So it makes sense to make sure your content is actively solving, or at least promising to solve, your readers’ problems. The great thing about targeting someone with a problem is that they’re probably already seeking the answer – […]

Increase Your Conversion Rate With These Six Compelling Calls To Action

“Contact us to find out more!” “Click here for more information!” “Visit our website!” Many calls to action, when they’re present at all, stand out like the socially awkward guest at a party after one too many drinks. Complete with an inevitably inappropriate exclamation mark and a desperate command, these call to actions are weak, […]

Five Ways to Find Out What Your Website Visitors Really Want

As a business owner, creating, maintaining and updating your website content is one of the hardest things you have to do. Although you know your business better than anyone, the process of turning that knowledge into concise, customer-friendly web pages can feel like an exercise in frustration. A key challenge is working out what your website visitors are really looking for. While you […]

Nine Tips for Easy Regular Content Production

It can be challenging to maintain a steady stream of content on top of your other activities, especially with multiple online and offline platforms to manage. One common problem marketing teams encounter is simply a lack of inspiration, and this is especially true in companies with a single product or service on offer where fresh […]

Starting From Scratch – Tips for Writing Copy for Your New Website

Writing copy for a website is never an easy task. But when it’s your own website, especially the first one for your own business, it can be a major challenge. The other day a client confessed that, before she sought professional help with developing her web copy, she had been going through a nightmare trying […]

The Anatomy of a Good Blog Post

It’s great you’re blogging, but how about getting it read? Wouldn’t that be nice? The key to making content readable (apart from ditching words like ‘solution’) is a good structure. A recognisable hierarchy helps readers sort out what’s important, what they want to read and how this blog is going to work out for them […]

Two Testing Tools That Will Help You Write Good Blog Content

What makes content good? These things: Tone and style: does it make the reader feel the way you need them to feel and is it pleasant to read? Is it appropriate and does it sound like you? Readability: Can your target audience read and understand it? Usefulness: Is it relevant? Will people benefit from reading […]

How to Make Dry Products or Services Sound Exciting

We can’t all sell chocolate or fireworks, and for those of us trying to market unexciting but essential products (ventilation ducting, anyone?), it can be a real challenge trying to come up with regular, relevant content that will appeal to your audience without making them yawn. The good news is, you don’t need to resort […]

Stuck for Content? Try This Easy Four-Step Content Idea Generator

You’re probably already aware that having lots of content for your various platforms is crucial for providing your customers with lots of information points to find out about you, and the search engines with lots of up to date company content. Customers can visit between 6-10 different content sources before making a purchase, so the […]

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