6 FREE Online Resources for Budding Content Marketers

Content marketing is an essential weapon in any small business’s arsenal. It’s a relatively easy and often inexpensive way of getting your name out there. However, once a small business has paid the rent, the bills, wages, and other essentials, there’s not always a lot left in the coffers for marketing. This is especially true […]

4 Sources of Content You Already Have

Racking your brains for content ideas is time-consuming and often frustrating. When you’ve got other stuff to do, you need a steady flow of content from reliable sources. Knowing where to go for content ideas makes your life easier but it also makes sure what you’re producing is legit. It helps your customers because the […]

Be A Content Medic: Nine Steps To Solving Your Readers’ Problems

According to writer Kayla Matthews, 70% of people that purchase do so to solve a problem. So it makes sense to make sure your content is actively solving, or at least promising to solve, your readers’ problems. The great thing about targeting someone with a problem is that they’re probably already seeking the answer – […]

Five Ways to Find Out What Your Website Visitors Really Want

As a business owner, creating, maintaining and updating your website content is one of the hardest things you have to do. Although you know your business better than anyone, the process of turning that knowledge into concise, customer-friendly web pages can feel like an exercise in frustration. A key challenge is working out what your website visitors are really looking for. While you […]

Nine Tips for Easy Regular Content Production

It can be challenging to maintain a steady stream of content on top of your other activities, especially with multiple online and offline platforms to manage. One common problem marketing teams encounter is simply a lack of inspiration, and this is especially true in companies with a single product or service on offer where fresh […]

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