4 Sources of Content You Already Have

Racking your brains for content ideas is time-consuming and often frustrating. When you’ve got other stuff to do, you need a steady flow of content from reliable sources. Knowing where to go for content ideas makes your life easier but it also makes sure what you’re producing is legit. It helps your customers because the […]

Quality vs. Quantity in Content Marketing

“Argh, I’ve GOT to get a blog out this week. What the #@$& am I going to write about?” Familiar? Yeah. When one is trying to fulfil the 2,198 ‘must do’ marketing activities that are hot this year, one can lose sight of why content marketing works. It doesn’t work because you’re constantly bombarding the […]

The Only Question for Content Planning: Is It Christmas?

I’m trying to be clever of course, but what we’re talking about here is seasonality. When you work in a small business, time is the material you have least of (you probably have a stack of carpet samples as tall as the water cooler but you can’t make blog posts out of those, comfy and […]

What Content Says About Your Business

Providing good quality, entertaining and regularly-refreshed web content shows that your business cares about providing added value to its customers. Content marketing – creating and sharing free web content – is an excellent way to reinforce customer relationships and build trust, credibility and authority in your field. Different types of web content Website content doesn’t […]

Set Up an Editorial Calendar for Your Website Content

As anyone knows who is responsible for updating their website, trying to find fresh and continuous content can be a challenge. Successful marketing these days is underpinned by the ability to add that extra bit of value and what a lot of people want, especially in the B2B sectors, is to learn something that will […]

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