6 Ways to Optimise Your Print Copy for Use Online

…or “How to turn great print copywriting into excellent SEO optimised copywriting that human readers will love too”. If you’ve had experience writing successful copy for offline functions, you’re most likely going to enjoy some success when writing copy for your website. However, you will need to add a few mildly techy, chiefly SEO-related tricks […]

8 Tips For Meeting Your Content Writing Deadline

Content writing is hard at the best of times, but content writing to a deadline can be torturous. Keeping up the momentum when copywriting has never been harder, when we have so many distractions beckoning. It’s harder still if your deadline is self-imposed, because you’re that much more likely to break it, especially if you […]

Why You Need to Prune Your Website Content

We all know that a bit of gentle pruning allows new growth. The tired, old blossoms fall away, letting the new shoots into the sunlight to be tended and admired. It’s true of websites as it’s true of a fine clematis – but how do you go about pruning website content?   What content to […]

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