Goodbye Cookies! New Data Trends in 2021

We need to talk about cookies. Unfortunately not the delicious chocolate chip kind, but the premise of these data morsels are crumbling all the same. Originally designed to report back to a website with information on whether you’ve visited them before, the rumours and legislation surrounding cookies, and how they work, have been widely debated […]

Third-Party Cookies Phased Out in Google Chrome by 2022

Before I go in on third-party cookies, let’s step back and revise what a cookie is. Cookies allow websites to personalise the content you see, track your behaviour onsite and remember things like products in your basket even if you close your browser. They have a bad rep but they’re extremely useful. Third-party cookies have […]

Will the Upcoming EU Cookie Law Affect My Website?

What’s a cookie? Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your users’ web browsers, they’re commonly used to remember login dates, shopping cart contents and track analysis. However, some are used by advertising firms to build a profile of users as they use to internet to provide targeted advertising. On 26 May 2012, after being […]

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