Choosing the Best Domain Name to Aid Your Website’s SEO

When setting up your business website, you will need to choose and register a domain name. This domain name is the address at which your site can be found. It is also a good place to start the search engine optimisation process. A search friendly domain name will hep customers and search engines to find […]

Can Gallery Pages Be Search Engine Optimised?

When creating your business page, you may find that it would suit you to include a gallery page which shows off your work. Gallery pages can be extremely useful for demonstrating what your work is all about, and images are eye-catching and will convey a great deal of information about your work to your potential […]

Site Structure and Search Engine Crawlers

An important aspect of search engine optimisation (SEO) is website structure. If your site is to be found and indexed by search engines, it needs to be structured in a manner which makes it easy to navigate. Search engines like Google index web pages using ‘crawlers‘.  These crawlers search for, find and return information about […]

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