3 Foundational Marketing Steps For Growing Your Business Part One

There are times in the life of any business where a planned assault into the marketplace is required. This could be to meet your growing ambition, or the ambition of a board who must report to shareholders to provide them with confidence that further returns on investment will arise. Whatever the underlying reason, whenever it’s […]

Should You Switch To An HTTPS Website?

HTTPS (the secure version of HTTP, the protocol which sends data between a browser and a website) is older than most people realise. It’s been around for two decades, though the number of websites using it on all their pages has been relatively low, until the last couple of years. You’ve probably noticed that many […]

30 Sub-Strategies To Grow Your Business – Part 3

In this final part of a 3-part series, let’s discover ten sub-strategies to increase the average spend per transaction and reduce attrition. You’ll recall that the four strategic ways to grow your business are: Increase your customer or client numbers Get your customers to buy more frequently Get more customers to spend more money per […]

Understanding Customer Needs and Concerns

No matter the size of your operation, where you’re based or what you sell, customers are the lifeblood of your business. Understanding what customers want and need is the key to a loyal, sustainable customer base. Here’s our guide to understanding your customers. Getting customer data If you have a customer relationship management system, you […]

Be Social: Turn Your Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

In a prior blog I talked about how social media should have you looking at approaching customer services in new, more efficient and varied ways.  Taking this a step further, the most socially savvy businesses will utilise their social media portals to spread a positive brand reputation, connect happy customers and strengthen their customer support […]

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