How to Transform Customer Experience Using Digital

A combination of technological advances and the spread of the coronavirus pandemic has caused many businesses to move online. Additionally, new services and methods for digital delivery have become available and a huge increase in new technologies to improve customer service has been introduced. Drones, contact-free sales and delivery services have been introduced through the […]

Writing Copy for Websites That Engage the Reader and Sells

Your website is your shop window to the world irrespective of the strategic reason for its existence. After all, your website is promoting your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be seen by anybody, worldwide. The sales messages within your website play a critical role and act as your salesperson […]

How Can User Experience Be Measured?

As the old adage goes, ‘what you don’t measure, you can’t manage’. Your website’s usability, just like all of your marketing ventures, needs to be tracked in concrete and meaningful terms. Once you have this data, you can assess it to see how well your site’s performing, and how you can improve user experience over […]

10 Myths About User Experience and Web Design

1) Improving my site’s usability will increase design costs It’s a good idea to allocate 10 per cent of your web design budget to usability testing. It’s much better to have a simple, user-friendly site than a more sophisticated one that nobody can use. 2) I don’t need to simplify – it’s obvious how to […]

Tips on Creating a Good Customer Experience Using E-Commerce

Keeping customers happy is essential for all businesses, but it is all the more important if selling using e-commerce, because the environment is so competitive. These tips will help to create a good customer experience throughout the online shopping process. Make it easy for the customer to find products Some visitors are happy to browse […]

How to Create Website User Personas

Summary A useful action list for creating user personas for your website. Benefits from doing this. Information you will need. Put individuals into groups with shared things in common. What to include in a persona. Share your personas with other people. Top tips. How this helps you User personas help you to confirm and communicate […]

How User Personas Will Help Your Website User Experience

Summary User personas are a tool to ensure your website has a good user experience. Some people may call them pen portraits. Benefits of personas include: segmenting your market; confirming your web site visitors’ needs; explaining to a website designer who your visitors are; focusing people on the customer; a website which helps visitors; sharing […]

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