How to Build Brand Trust in an Increasingly Untrusting World

Brand trust used to be simple. You heard a product was good, you used it and it worked, then you kept buying it forever. But now we’re all victims of digital marketing. We’ve been over-targeted with behaviour data, misled by previously-trusted organisations and exploited by social media platforms. On the other side of that, as […]

5 Tactics To Help Customers Fall In Love With Your Business

Like it or not, good customer service is critical to your business’ future success. Sadly, very few businesses pay attention to customer once the sale is made. There can sometimes be an expectation that once a customer has made their first purchase, then they will always return to buy goods/services from you. Times have changed […]

Understanding Customer Needs and Concerns

No matter the size of your operation, where you’re based or what you sell, customers are the lifeblood of your business. Understanding what customers want and need is the key to a loyal, sustainable customer base. Here’s our guide to understanding your customers. Getting customer data If you have a customer relationship management system, you […]

Be Social – the Two Most Common Social Media Launch Mistakes

Why Social Media? – In a previous blog I’ve spoken about the importance of having a clear goal of what your company is trying to achieve with their social media activities. However, it is a mistake made SO OFTEN that I think it is really important to reiterate this again. You must define what success […]

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