Why Every Small Business Owner Should Use Experiential Marketing

What’s New in Marketing? Marketing and promotion funnels can often seem out of date or irrelevant or even, after a while, may just stop working completely which can leave you feeling helpless. Especially when you’ve no doubt invested time, money and effort into seeking more business. Innovative methods of marketing are becoming increasingly available to […]

The Importance of a User-Friendly Site Interface

As all good businesses know, the most important thing you can do for business success is to understand what your customers want and need, and provide it for them. A key element of this is to make sure your business website is easy to understand and interact with. A confusing site interface, with poorly-labelled navigation […]

Be Social: Turn Your Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

In a prior blog I talked about how social media should have you looking at approaching customer services in new, more efficient and varied ways.  Taking this a step further, the most socially savvy businesses will utilise their social media portals to spread a positive brand reputation, connect happy customers and strengthen their customer support […]

How a ‘User Task List’ Helps Website User Experience

Summary How to create a user to do list. This task list, validated with actual customer feedback, is essential to a good website design. For your website to have a good user experience you will need to know what users want to do when they visit your site. Benefits Makes your website easier to use. More users […]

How to Create Website User Personas

Summary A useful action list for creating user personas for your website. Benefits from doing this. Information you will need. Put individuals into groups with shared things in common. What to include in a persona. Share your personas with other people. Top tips. How this helps you User personas help you to confirm and communicate […]

How Have Websites With Good User Experience Achieved This?

Websites with good user experience have not happened because the person or people responsible for the website necessarily have any website design expertise. They have happened because those people have thought about their customers. 1. They know their customers They have all designed their websites around their users. This means they’ve understood: Needs – asked […]

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