How to Survey Customer Groups

Sometimes there are questions we can’t answer from our website analytics or sales data – questions that affect our bottom line, like why a product has a 40% return rate. You need feedback. You need it fast. You need it specific. You need it EASY. I’ve got you.  Why you should survey customer groups Even […]

Customer Feedforward vs. Feedback

The phrase ‘customer feedforward’ may make you feel sick. I admit I feel a little queasy myself. But it’s a subtle yet important distinction from the traditional customer feedback. What the frack is customer feedforward? I saw this phrase quoted from Thomas Barta, co-author of The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader. And I forgive […]

How to Learn More About Your Customers

We endlessly market to the void. The abyss. And mostly, not a lot comes echoing back. We hear from our customers when they’re really mad about something, but we don’t hear much about the everyday stuff. Time to stop marketing as if it’s a one-way conversation. Time to invite your beautiful, human audience to holler […]

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