Data Driven Online Marketing

This may not be the sexiest of topics but nonetheless it is an important for the serious digital marketer and can mean the difference between high volume ‘spray and pray’ online marketing or super targeted, relevant campaigns. In t’old days a marketers would go for high volume, generic messaging – throw your campaign out there […]

How Can Business Intelligence Help Business Decisions?

Business intelligence is the name given to technologies and applications that collect, analyse and present data for businesses. These applications deliver data in a relevant, efficient and timely way, to the right people. What types of business intelligence tools are available? Some are used across all aspects of a business – for example to assess […]

Can Special Offers Drive More Traffic to Websites?

Special offers are an excellent way to: attract new customers to your website, by grabbing their attention and giving you the edge over competing adverts reward your existing customers, encouraging repeat visits and sales Drawing in new customers Special offers can be used as a way to attract the eye to your online adverts, such […]

Using Your Website Content for SEO

Whoever is responsible for producing website content knows that it can be time consuming to create and finding the right people to contribute can be even harder. Does this mean that perhaps it’s not worth trying to find those 4 new pieces every month? Nope, it just means that the content should work harder for […]

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