5 Practical Ways To Brand Your Video Marketing

Does your company have a name? Does your company have a logo? Does your company have colours that you use on your marketing material? A shop front? A specific Font? These are all great things to have and you should be using these to brand your video marketing. You need to enhance your company identity in […]

5 YouTube Channels for Digital Marketing Success

As I’ve admitted before, I love YouTube. As discussed in the previous article, YouTube doesn’t always have the immediate reputation of being a great resource for professionals. Once you’ve waded through the cute animals and “fail” videos, there is a wealth of sharp business and marketing advice. If you want to make progress online, these […]

The 10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs In 2015

Digital marketing is one of the fastest moving industries anywhere. So whether you’re a professional marketer, or a business owner whose remit includes marketing, you need to be constantly reading expert advice and news on the latest innovations. Otherwise you’ll fall behind your competitors, or miss an opportunity you never knew existed. That’s all very […]

Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses

Can your business really afford to keep ignoring social media? I know that we go on and on about the importance of social media for businesses and you might still be sceptical, but we wouldn’t keep harping on about it if it wasn’t relevant. So how do you decide on your plan of attack? Choose […]

How to Acquire New Customers With No Marketing Budget

One area that differentiates highly successful businesses from those that stutter or fail is how cheaply that business can acquire quality customers in its growth phase. It is perhaps the single biggest marketing headache of any startup or small business. You’ve created a great product or service that was the reason you started the business […]

Integrated Digital Marketing and PR Campaigns: How to Keep Those Balls in the Air

Integrated marketing campaigns consisting of activities across multiple platforms and/or media can be more successful than one-off projects. With multiple activities on the go you increase the changes of creating business and growing your customer base. However, integrated campaigns require a lot of work and planning to keep everything on schedule. Integrating your marketing involves […]

Digital Marketing for SMEs – Infographic Series

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Digital Marketing for SMEs; a series of six infographics offering advice and information to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) about marketing themselves online in the UK. Over the past few months, we’ve worked with OnePoll to survey more than 1,000 people on how they interact with businesses […]

When Should PPC Campaigns Feature in a Digital Marketing Strategy?

PPC advertising is an important way to drive traffic to a website, but it’s only one of a number of available digital marketing strategies. Most businesses will benefit from a combination of online marketing tactics, including: Emails – these are sent to a mailing list of customers and potential customers, either on an individual subject […]

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