Is .com or .co.uk A Better TLD for Your Web Domain?

When you choose the website address for your business, you may wonder which business domain name ending (called a top-level domain or TLD) will work best. Most commonly, the choice you will be faced with is either .com or .co.uk. But which one is the right choice for your organisation? Domestic or international? To some […]

A Brief Guide to Choosing the Right Domain Name

Setting up a new website for your latest venture? How exciting! Congratulations! Every website needs a domain name, and it’s imperative to pick a good one right from the start. Once you’ve registered your domain, told all of your business contacts, printed business cards and generally branded everything, it’s only going to cost you money […]

Why Buy Multiple Domains for your Business?

When you register the web address for your company website, you’ll be asked if you’re interested in an almost endless list of extra potential addresses. But why buy multiple domains for your business? The Domain Name System (DNS) is essentially an internet phone book. You can reach a website by typing in 28 letters and […]

How to Register for a Domain Name or URL

Choosing and registering a domain name is relatively straightforward, although there are some restrictions. In particular, the name you choose must be: unique – for example, you can’t register ‘yell.com’ as it already belongs to someone else truthful – names which deliberately mislead potential customers are illegal in most countries There are also restrictions on […]

Can Domain Names & Websites Be Transferred to a Different Host

The short answer to this question is ‘yes’, although there are several issues which need to be considered. A domain name is registered with a specialist registrar, who keeps all of the administrative details, including information about the primary and back-up Domain Name System (DNS) nameservers. In simple terms, the DNS records tell any computer […]

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Domain Name?

It’s important to remember that no-one can actually buy a domain name. Instead, names are registered and effectively leased for a period of time. You’ll need to renew your registration periodically for it to stay effective. The cost of registering domain names depends on two factors: the type of top-level domain (TLD), which is the […]

What Are IP Addresses

These three terms are often used as near-synonyms, although they each have slightly different meanings within the context of the internet. IP addresses IP, or ‘Internet Protocol’, is a set of rules that governs how data is sent over the internet. It works alongside a separate set of rules called TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) – […]

Could Slandering Your Own Business in a Domain Name Protect You?

As a business, would you ever want to own a web address that made you look bad? Probably not. How about one of your competitors or a disgruntled customer owning a web address that made you look bad? Definitely not. Just because you buy a web address doesn’t mean you have to use it – […]

What Would You Do if Your Business Website Was Hacked?

  When a domain name registrar is targeted by hackers, it can result in a range of problems, from non-responsive websites to malware infections. Rest assured – all the large domain name providers have extremely effective security systems. However, some sophisticated hackers do occasionally break through. One well known case is the hack attack of […]

Show Them the Way: Using Directives in Domain Names

The importance of having an attention grabbing, enticing call to action has been touted by marketing and advertising experts for decades; it is absolutely vital to give potential customers a very good reason to pick up the phone – or they won’t pick it up, it is as simple as that. So what does this […]

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