How to Use Hashtags on Social Media

Hashtags were popularised by Twitter over 10 years ago to help users group Tweets via common topics of discussion. Lots of other platforms like Instagram and Facebook also use hashtags, with a similar purpose of grouping posts together. If you don’t know what a hashtag is then have a look at my example image of a […]

The Often Overlooked Fourth Way to Grow Your Business

In a previous article I wrote about the three ways to grow a business. Whilst these apply to all business types, in the early days of a start-up business they are more difficult to apply.  For reference, the three ways are: 1)      Acquiring customers 2)      Increasing the average order value 3)      Increase the frequency of […]

Do You Know How Engaged Your Visitors Are?

How do you know that your website is doing well? If it’s selling products then that’s easy – it’s driving purchases. Or is it? Are these purchasers coming back and buying more and are they telling people how good your site is? If they’re not then maybe they’re not as engaged as you thought… Getting […]

Smart Online Marketing: Is Your Company Really Staffed by Supermodels?

If you read my blog, you’ll know I’m a believer in being real on your website. Being yourself is a great way to be different in the bland world of marketing. Not trying to sound important with long words. Not pretending to be a multinational when you’re a one-man-band. And, not pretending that your company […]

Pets, vets and automobiles on social media

According to a recent study, 1 in 10 pets in the UK have a profile maintained by their owners on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Continuing the theme, more than half of pet owners in the UK share photos of their pets on the social media and it is has even been suggested that in aggregate, […]

What’s the Secret to Creating Great Website Content When You Have No Time?

If you’re reading blogs about website content then you will have heard that one of the smartest strategies in online marketing is to create a website that’s an authority in your business niche. This means providing valuable content to your audience; content your site visitors need, trust and want to come back for. But the […]

Sustaining a Company Wide Social Media Effort

How can you expect to engage customers and potential customers in social media if your own employees do not even help to create a dynamic social media environment?  Many small business owners struggle to find time enough to properly engage with customers through social media. They set off with good intentions, set up profiles and […]

Be Social: Social Media for Small Businesses

When you are operating as a small business, often one thing you don’t have is the luxury of time. It’s a possibility you are too busy to be tapped into Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or any others of the plethora of social media offerings out there that can help your business. However, it is always worth […]

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