Should I Set Up a Facebook Page and a Google + Page for My Business?

To some extent, Facebook and Google + (or Google Plus) appear very similar. However, there are some significant and important differences that should be taken into account when considering which to use as a social media platform for your business marketing. Facebook: has been around for longer: since 2003, whereas Google + was launched in […]

Why Should a Business Have a Google Plus Business Page?

In many ways, Google Plus is similar to Facebook, but it has various additional features which make it useful for business. Here are some of the reasons you should consider starting a Google Plus page for your business: Better SEO results. Google Plus pages are automatically indexed on the Google search engine, which tends to […]

Five Things Businesses Should Know About Google +

Google + (or Google Plus) is the search engine leader’s latest attempt to build a social network to rival Facebook, and is now estimated to have more than 100 million users. It remains to be seen whether Google + takes off in the way that Facebook and Twitter has – it’s operating in a very […]

Do Business People Need to Hangout? Google+ Certainly Thinks So

A couple of weeks back I wrote about Google+ and specifically about Google Circles and concluded that it is a genuinely efficient social networking tool that will eventually suit business (and especially business to business) use better than Facebook.  But Google also launched two other services at the same time including Google Hangouts and Google […]

If Google+ Facebook Equals X. Find X?

There is a nice joke circulating on the web that details a GSCE Maths question concerning the Pythagoras theorem.  The question is simply, “Find X”, to which a star pupil has thoughtfully labelled the triangle with an arrow pointing to X stating “It’s here”.  Technically correct, but not the answer the examiner was looking for!  […]

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