Facebook Ads vs Google AdWords: Which Is Best For Business?

Google is the giant of search engine advertising. And Facebook is the giant of social media advertising. Both platforms offer Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, where you pay a fee when a potential customer clicks your advert – both work in slightly different ways. According to Wordstream writer Larry Kim, Facebook has five times as many users and ten times […]

Which Google Ad Position Should I Aim For?

When you advertise using Google AdWords, you enter an auction and your advert could end up in any paid position, on any page, where there is an available slot. The positions are labelled; 1 is the first position and this is situated below the search bar normally – you’ll know which one is an ad […]

Does Your Small Business Need to Do PPC Advertising?

If you own a business website, the chances are that you’ve either considered investing in advertising on search engines, or been approached by an agency or individual proposing to do it on your behalf. The question is: should you? Inevitably, there’s no definite answer to this (sorry folks). It very much depends on your industry, […]

PPC Jargon Buster

The world of pay-per-click advertising can seem like learning a foreign language with its own terminology and of course acronyms. In this post I have focused on some of the core fundamental terms you should be aware of when venturing into managing and monitoring PPC Campaigns. Ad Copy – text consisting of a headline, description […]

Negative Keywords in AdWords PPC

One of the main mistakes people make in setting up a AdWords account is they forget to add negative keywords. This isn’t really their fault as Google don’t make it extremely obvious how to add them or why you should. But you should. As mentioned in a previous post about broad match keywords, they are […]

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