What Are IP Addresses

These three terms are often used as near-synonyms, although they each have slightly different meanings within the context of the internet. IP addresses IP, or ‘Internet Protocol’, is a set of rules that governs how data is sent over the internet. It works alongside a separate set of rules called TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) – […]

Designing Websites in Code

The last few years have seen a revolution in the web design process. Many web designers and their clients have moved away from vast numbers of time consuming and expensive deliverables towards leaner processes producing fewer, more useful deliverables. One item I’ve briefly written about before is the use of HTML prototypes. Where wireframes and […]

What Is CSS?

CSS (cascading style sheet) is a language for styling the HTML elements on a page. CSS enables the separation of the HTML document contents from its presentation. If a website has been built with clean HTML the design can be completely changed by just editing the CSS files. How does it work? A stylesheets contains […]

What’s in a Website?

A website is built up from a variety of files types, each serving a specific purpose. In this post, I’ll go through the key files required and in following posts on this blog go into more detail on each technology. HTML (hyper text markup language) is the main language of the web, it’s the foundation […]

A Guide to Form Elements

Whether your website has a simple contact form or your web app has many forms scattered around your application, form design is crucial to usability. A form is a set of input fields which allow the user to interact with the website usually to store information somewhere. This “somewhere” is often in an email or […]

Does Installing Robots.txt Files Help With SEO?

Following on from my last few posts I wanted to cover off the various attributes of the Webmaster Tools console from Google. In particular, I wanted to help you understand the role of a Robots.txt file and potential SEO benefits. So what is a Robots.txt file? A Robots.txt file is a simple text file that sits […]

Regularly Updating Websites Improves SEO Results

It’s a known fact that updating a site regularly with fresh content appeals to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Why wouldn’t it? Fresh and relevant content updated regularly is what we all yearn for when searching online for ourselves and it’s no different for search engines. Let’s look at  how this information is discovered and what […]

Are XML Sitemaps Important for SEO?

In this post I will shed some light on what Sitemaps are and how they can be useful when combined with other SEO activity. There are still mixed views on the importance of Sitemaps in the SEO community with most steering towards them having no affect on search rankings. My view is that though they do not directly affect rankings, they can […]

Can I Build My Own Website?

In the early days of the internet, building even simple websites required a high level of technical knowhow. Later, web design software was developed that simplified the process. Even so, it was still necessary to have a good knowledge of HTML, the language that forms the basic building blocks of a website – so that […]

How Long Will the Build Process of a Website Last?

The time taken to build a website depends on a number of factors. Customisation Websites which are designed using templates or website design packages do not usually take much time to build. However, if the website is a custom design, and the build needs to start from scratch, then it could take much longer. Number […]

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