What Is Image Optimisation and Why Is It Important for Your Website?

Have you ever wondered what your business website or blog looks like in the eyes of a search engine? Search engines use a crawler program (also known as ‘spiders’ or bots etc) to read your website and gather information to be used in their search index. These crawlers can easily read text, but the same […]

Bring Your Blogs to Life With Free Images

Trying to get hold of images you can use easily, legally and (most important) free is often really hard. Google > right click > save is not an option. When you’re publishing things onto the internet, stealing images is a very bad idea. There are millions of stock images available on hundreds of websites, but […]

Optimising Images for Local SEO

It’s easy to get carried away with focusing on some of the newer ‘signals’  which are influencing rankings these days, such as social media and freshness.  What is often overlooked is the use of well optimised and engaging images which are contextually relevant and support content. In this week’s post we will look at some […]

Five Social Media Marketing Tips for a Small Business

Making the most of social media opportunities calls for an integrated approach that uses all – or as many as possible – of the opportunities presented. The importance of image Because all social media comes with ready-made profile templates, it’s tempting to take the easy route and do the minimum. On the one hand, your […]

Star Small Business Website User Experience 3

The next star small business website user experience is Chiswell Pools. This is another great example of a UK small business website which has really thought about its customers. The good user experience of the web site design comes together from a combination of different elements of the user experience working well. The visual design […]

Practical Tips for Your First Video Edit.

Editing video is brilliant. For me it’s like the best video game I’ve ever played and then some. When I sit down to edit there’s the anticipation of all of the possible videos I could make out of the footage in front of me. As an editor you are not bound by the ideas you […]

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