30 Sub-Strategies To Grow Your Business – Part 2

In part 1 of this 3 part article series, I reintroduced you to the four strategic ways to grow your business. As a quick recap, they are: 1)      Increase your customer or client numbers 2)      Get your customers to buy more frequently 3)      Get more customers to spend more money per transaction 4)      Reduce attrition […]

4 Tips To Improve Your Sales Pitch

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. If your business is unable to sell products or services in sufficient volume, then it ceases to exist. It is reasonable to expect that a high percentage of a business time and capital should be invested in the pursuit of a sale through its marketing and sales systems. […]

Five Steps To Creating A Rock Solid Guarantee

In my previous article ‘Does Your Business Have An Invisible Guarantee‘ you discovered the merits of introducing or improving your guarantee. Overall this has the benefit of reducing the risk to the buyer and elevating your business in the buyer’s eyes as a more premier supplier in the market. There are many myths surrounding guarantees […]

Does Your Business Have An Invisible Guarantee?

I am often asked by entrepreneurs how they can make their product or service more attractive in their marketing. There are of course numerous ways to achieve this such as changing the design of the page or advert. One of the most often overlooked areas in marketing to make a product or service or attractive […]

How To Set and Achieve Sales Targets For Your Business

For most small businesses, setting sales targets is a “finger in the wind” exercise. There’s almost a glass ceiling placed on what can be achieved, with targets generally a reflection on actual performance from the previous year. Many also fail to track success throughout the year either on a monthly or weekly basis and instead […]

Click Here Now to Discover the One Fatal Mistake Websites Make

In order to sell the thing you’re trying to sell, you need visitors to your site to take some form of action: to call you, buy now, visit you, sign up and so on. The mistake so many websites make is they do not tell their visitors what action they need to take. They don’t […]

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