How to Research Keywords Like a Human

I used to believe quite passionately that the best keyword research was no keyword research. I’d just seen too much of the wrong KIND of keyword research, so I tarred it all with the same brush: black hat, spammy nonsense. I’ve seen the light now but only because I developed my own method that I […]

How to Do Keyword Research: Tips and Free Tools

Choosing the right keywords to target is one of the areas that can have the greatest impact on your website’s success. Get it right, and your traffic from search engines will grow – and sales should follow suit. Yet many small businesses are still not focusing on the keywords that would work most effectively for them. […]

Updating Your Keywords for Great SEO

The keywords you use in your website play a vital part in helping customers to find your site, and in helping the search engines to understand your website content and place your site in its search listings. Making sure you are using the right keywords is hugely important to search engine optimisation (SEO). By taking […]

Where in a Website Should Keywords Be Placed?

Once you have decided which keywords you want to use for your business website, you need to think about where in the site these are going to be placed for best effect. Ultimately, your keywords are going to serve two very different purposes – informing customers of what your website is all about, and allowing […]

Keywords in Domain Names: Competitiveness and Popularity

There’s a lot of debate out there as to the effect of keywords in domain names, particularly around the idea of a ‘perfect’ keyword combination. Information is limited about exactly how the search engine crawlers or ‘robots’ rank keywords, other than that having your company name, a service/product and/or a location in there is beneficial. […]

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