BufferApp – What Is It?

I came across an interesting social media tool which boldly claims to empower you to be awesome on social media, automagically allowing you to share pictures, video, articles throughout the day!  Yes, you read that correctly ‘automagically’ is the term used by BufferApp on their website..! The purpose of the tool is to connect all […]

Be Social: Is Facebook of Any Real Use to B2B Companies?

Most of my career has been spent with companies that deal directly with the consumer (in one way or another) so having recently joined a company that deals solely in B2b it’s been interesting to see the different strategies that are needed in social media. Facebook in particular has proved a hot button issue – […]

Be Social: B2B Social Media and Linked In

Having recently joined a company that is very focused on B2B, when I’ve generally come from a consumer background, it has been very interesting to see the different approaches that are necessary to target the correct markets via Social Media. Now I’m in the process of drawing up a social media strategy that suits their […]

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