How to Build a Marketing Plan

I hate plans, including marketing plans. But, I have to say, without one we’re all just lost souls wandering about aimlessly. Most of us do have a plan – it just lives in our head, and we have to hope everyone around us also has a plan and it doesn’t mess ours up. So, to […]

Reviewing Your One Page Marketing Plan For 2016

In an earlier article, I introduced you to the simplicity of the ‘one page marketing plan‘. This can be a highly effective marketing tool, providing much needed clarity when it is so easy to be lost with the numerous marketing platforms you are expected to utilize in your business today. Of course, one of the […]

How to Write a One-Page Marketing Plan

Writing any kind of plan for a business is daunting at first. Whilst most business owners at some time have written a business plan, very few write a marketing plan. Why is this? It’s simply because a business must have a business plan to obtain funding and therefore it’s almost mandatory. So, the business had […]

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