Can a Business Manage Its Own Analytics

There are several free web analytics applications available for download. The best known is Google Analytics, but others include Yahoo! Web Analytics, Piwik and Snoop, and most are easy to install. However, as with other business applications, this is only the beginning of the story. Making best use of web analytics requires the investment of […]

Be Social: Can Social Media Improve Customer Satisfaction?

In today’s modern society the customer’s voice is louder than it has ever been. They are more savvy to getting the best value for their money, constantly hunting down deals and vouchers, and quick to share news about their latest experiences as a consumer. On the flip side, a company’s reputation for providing good service […]

How Important Are Site Analytics for a Business Website?

While it’s not essential to use web analytics for a business website, failing to do so will almost certainly mean that the website is less than fully effective. This is particularly the case if the site is used for e-commerce – to sell products or services – although web analytics is also useful for improving […]

What Is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is a system for measuring the effectiveness of a website, by tracking visitors and visitor activity. Key measurements – known as ‘metrics’ – can be analysed to find out whether the site is doing the job that it was designed for, by showing which pages or parts of the site are most popular, […]

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