Mobile-First Indexing: What You Need to Know

Google announced that they are switching to mobile-first indexing for all websites in March 2021. This means that Google will prioritise the mobile version of a site for indexing, as opposed to the desktop version. The reason for this change is that a majority of internet users (almost 60% according to Hitwise) now use their […]

How To Get More Traffic From Google Quick Answer Boxes

Almost certainly you’ve seen the quick answers box when doing a Google search – typically it’s a brief one- or two-sentence answer to your query, scraped from one of the pages that ranks high for your phrase, and placed above the regular search results. Here’s an example of the answers box shown for the search term […]

iPhone 5, iOS 6 and its potential impact on PPC.

In the UK more people use Google then Bing. This is an undisputable fact. This is the same with both desktop and mobile driven searches. Mobile, at the moment is the highest increasing traffic source and this increase is seen mainly on Google. Some companies report a year on year 11% increase in desktop traffic […]

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