Social Media Myths for Small Businesses

Most small businesses use social media every day, whether that’s to interact with customers, promote products or services, or let your audience know about your latest news and offers. Social media marketing is becoming ever increasingly popular with businesses utilising new platforms as and when they become available. Longstanding social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, […]

8 Huge B2B Telemarketing Myths – Debunked!

Telesales and telemarketing are an important tool in the marketer’s toolbox. However, a proliferation of low-quality, poorly researched PPI and personal injury sales calls have left a bad taste in the mouths of many businesspeople who end up shying away from telemarketing for their business-to-business endeavours. It’s something that comes with many misconceptions and preconceived […]

11 Most Common Copywriting Myths

Being a copywriter is definitely the coolest career I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, it’s not a job title that gets bandied around a lot outside of marketing spheres, and therefore doubt and misconceptions creep in. Here are 11 of the most common myths and misunderstandings that seem to be out there… 1. “‘Copywriting?’ You mean ‘copyright’ […]

14 Disastrous Content Marketing Misconceptions

Content marketing – when done right – can be an amazing thing for business. But as with many marketing trends, there are a few myths and nuggets of bad advice that occasionally surface. Let’s take a look at 14 common misconceptions and put them on the straight and narrow. 1. “I just need content marketing […]

SEO Mythbusters – a Summary

Summary of Myths First page top ranking on a search engine – they’re shocked you’re not on it, and they’ll get you there Results which sound too good to be true Guaranteed results Instant gratification and success Summary of Facts: Any business considering hiring an SEO company should read Google’s comprehensive guide on the matter. […]

SEO Mythbusters – We Will Get You Thousands of Links to Your Site

“We are proud to inform you that our team obtained40000+ manually built links in the past 1 year.” “Now You Can Literally Get Hundreds Of Text Links To Your Web Site Automatically, Stop wasting hundreds of hours looking for link partners, begging for links, updating your link page, and checking for cheaters. It’s no big […]

SEO Mythbusters – Instant Gratification and Success

They not only guarantee success, they suggest you won’t have to wait for it: “We provide Search Engine Optimization with Express-SEO service that provides optimisation within 24 hours at a very affordable prize.” “We will help you achieve phenomenal results in no time.” “How YOU Can Grab The Top Spots In Google In 24 Hours Or LESS!” […]

SEO Mythbusters – We Guarantee Results

They guarantee, promise and assure you of results: “Why us? Guaranteed results. Assured increase in traffic and online visibility.” “We will get you 30,000 views on Facebook from your target audience.” “We will put you on the first page of [search engine] with 10 other advertisers.” “We guarantee results on mutually agreed keywords.” “We can […]

SEO Mythbusters – Rank Top in Google

Does this sound familiar to you? First page top ranking on a search engine:  they’re shocked you’re not on it, and they’ll get you there They hook you in by laying seeds of doubt by suggesting if you are not on the first page of Google or other search engine your website is not optimised […]

SEO Mythbusters – Setting the Record Straight

As if you’re not busy enough, are you getting bombarded with marketing calls and emails, as often as one a week, even daily, from companies making staggering claims about how SEO can transform your business? Our SEO-aware customers are sending us the emails they have received as they are horrified about some of the claims […]

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