How Can Videos Reduce Customer Service Costs?

You can use videos to reduce costs, you say? How is this alchemy even possible? I have a very simple idea that will help any business that has a busy customer service department. Let me ask you a question. How much time do you spend explaining to customers the way to correctly use their purchase? […]

Understand the Power of Aspirational Marketing Videos

What Do We Mean By Aspirational? Aspirational videos show viewers something they don’t have in order to make them want it. They work because we can all imagine ourselves being better than we are, being richer than we are, being cooler than we are. It is the idea that resides at the core of the advertising […]

8 Ways To Make Your Video Marketing Shine

Today I’m going to write about eight different videos you can make that will shine out to your customers. I’m going to tell you about eight different stories that you can tell and why they will grab your customer’s attention. 1. Testimonials Testimonials are always a great way to showcase your business. Why? Your happy […]

What is Augmented Reality and How Can it Help with Marketing?

You may have heard of augmented reality. You may even know that it was supposed to be a revolution in communications. You may also have read that it was a revolution that failed to happen. You may think that this is a failed technology and be wondering why I’m writing a blog about it. I’m […]

Enabling Customer Contact In Your Marketing Videos With Clear Text

I want to talk about something really basic and yet vital to the success of your marketing videos. How you display your company’s contact details can either confirm a potential customer’s desire to contact you or put them off. This means that, as video marketers, we need to spend some time thinking about how we […]

10 Tips For Using Interviews In Your Marketing Videos

Interviews can be incredibly powerful. You can probably think of interviews you’ve seen that have affected you deeply. People who have suffered terrible trauma move us by their experiences. It’s also true that I can remember interviews that have made me cry with laughter. I also remember watching interviews that have made me think that […]

Making Marketing Videos – Sound Is More Important Than You Think

Sound. In a visual medium like video it’s often forgotten. But the sound on a video can destroy it if it’s bad. There’s an old adage amongst film makers that bad footage and good sound is fine but good footage and bad sound is unwatchable. When we make our marketing videos it’s imperative that we […]

Marketing Your Business With Vine Video – Pt 2

I started this series of three blogs about ultra short form video marketing by talking about Instagram. You may find it odd that when I finally come to write about actually making a marketing video that I stick with Vine. But there is one very good reason for that. Both of these applications deal in […]

Marketing Your Business With Vine Video – Pt 1

I’m writing a series of three blogs about ultra short form marketing videos. The kind that can be posted on Instagram and Vine. This is the second in the series and today I’ll be discussing the usefulness of Vine video for the video marketer. What Is Vine? Vine is a social media platform that allows users to post […]

Instagram And The Power Of Video Marketing

I’m going to write a series of three blogs about Short and ultra short form marketing videos. The kind that can be posted on Instagram and Vine social media networks. Until very recently Instagram only allowed you fifteen seconds of video, while Vine allowed six seconds. In the last week Instagram has changed its video allowance – previously advertisers […]

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