Marketing Videos For Children – A Case Study

I’ve written before about structuring and writing marketing videos to target specific demographic groups. It’s one thing to write about it and another to do it so I thought it may be useful for those of you trying to do just that to talk about a recent video I made and just how and why […]

Why Video Is The Present And Future of Advertising

Why You Need Video Advertising Google has made some big changes to the way they display advertising, specifically “highly commercial queries” and these changes make it more important than ever that you are maximising the things that distinguish your business from all of the others that show up in their organic search results (You can read about the changes […]

Why Is Video The Best Way To Relate To Your Customers?

Today I want to talk about what story structures, camera shots and editing techniques you could consider to help your business relate to your customers in your video. As I mentioned last time one of the most powerful elements of video communication is that people see you and form a relationship with you in their minds. […]

How To Make Your Marketing Video Look Its Best

When you want to impress a client do you put on the suit that was your best twenty years ago for the meeting? Do you go and get your fathers old suit and wear that? Do you get your Gran’s twin set out of the wardrobe? Do you wear something so trendy that it is […]

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