Just Looking at PPC Data in Google Analytics

The other week I mentioned setting up goals in Google Analytics. I mentioned this to a client and he asked me the logical question of ‘but how do you know what amount of that came from PPC?’ I paused. ‘Well you just set up advanced segments and select Paid Traffic only’. Silence. ‘Oh yer ok’. […]

Facebook PPC – What Age Should I Be Targeting?

I wrote yesterday about good things to think about when choosing images and ad-copy for your Facebook PPC adverts. Today I’m going to write about what age you should target with your Facebook adverts. The answer is NOT everyone, or in Facebook language ‘Any’ on the age selection tab. Facebook is social, would you have […]

Building Display Banner Ads

There are quite a few different banner advertising types and formats that you may have noticed while you’re browsing the internet doing your online shopping to avoid the crowds at your local shopping centre. Let’s take a look at a few here. Static Banner Ads The clue is really in the title, it’s a banner […]

Pay Per Click Text Advert Structure

There are lots of different types of advert formats you can use to advertise through the Google AdWords platform including text, banners, animated banner, mobile, gadgets and videos. The adverts type you chose should depend on the type of campaign you are running and the objectives you are aiming to achieve. In this post I […]

PPC Is Super for Seasonality

Pay per click is perfect for targeting seasonal search traffic as you can increase and decrease your budgets at anytime. In order to take advantage of seasonal peaks in traffic it is also worth while tailoring your keywords and advert copy. The Google Insights for Search tool  can help you to identify the times of […]

The Inverted Pyramid: Focusing on What’s Important

Picture the scene: It’s a Tuesday evening. You arrive home, open the door and pick up the day’s post. If you’re anything like me, you open the personal cards and letters straight away, and put the bills and bank statements to one side (to be opened after dinner. Or after Corrie. Or maybe tomorrow…). And […]

Top Five Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Started With PPC

A big advantage of PPC advertising is that you can set it up quickly and get your ads showing on Google within a few hours. This means you can get your business online and start driving traffic to your site and results straightaway, however, speaking from experience, there are some elements that do require consideration […]

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

You may have heard about pay-per-click advertising which is also referred to as PPC, search engine marketing (SEM), keyword advertising or paid search. I still find it a challenge to explain exactly what PPC advertising is despite working in PPC Management for over five years because there are so many interpretations and misconceptions floating around. […]

How to Drive Traffic to a Business Website Using Design

Once you have your website up and running you need to make sure it easy for people to  find and attract visitors. There are a number of relatively inexpensive ways to do this, which I will briefly summarise as there are experts blogging on these topics individually as they have become specialist fields. Search engines […]

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