Nine Ways To Create Urgency In Your Content

American entrepreneur Jim Rohn once said: “Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value”. This is especially true when applied to the consumer buying process – how many times have you seen an item you liked in a shop or online and decided to wait until payday, or to ‘buy it in a week […]

5 YouTube Channels for Digital Marketing Success

As I’ve admitted before, I love YouTube. As discussed in the previous article, YouTube doesn’t always have the immediate reputation of being a great resource for professionals. Once you’ve waded through the cute animals and “fail” videos, there is a wealth of sharp business and marketing advice. If you want to make progress online, these […]

6 YouTube Channels Every Small Business Should Follow

YouTube is a great resource. It has a reputation for being full of goofy comedy, video game let’s plays, and cute animals, but it’s so much more than that. YouTube is afire with great business advice, but it can get drowned out a bit with the wackier channels and paid advertising. I have chosen 6 […]

Using 3rd Party Content In Your Video Marketing

I’m going to blog about using 3rd party content in your video marketing strategy (previously discussed here), but I should say from the start that if you’re a regular web user you’ll probably already know everything I’m going to talk about. This is aimed at the novice or nervous business owner who wants to build […]

Get Real Results by Split Testing Your eCommerce Pages (the scientific way!)

eCommerce marketers know that they’re supposed to test their pages to find the optimal content for their target audience. However, many of us waste enormous amounts of time running tests that never seem to produce noticeable improvements. What are we doing wrong? Tell me if the following conversation sounds somewhat familiar to you: Marketer: “Boss, […]

29 Inspiring Content Quotes to Motivate You

‘Content is king’ is a much-overused and not entirely inspiring phrase designed to instil fear into the most productive of marketers. Skip a blog post and all is lost! Whether you write fiction or website copy, we all have off-days writing content, and sometimes need a bit of motivation. These 29 writers and business people have […]

How to Write a Homepage that Grabs Attention

Does your website’s homepage grab the attention of visitors as soon as they arrive and make them want to stick around to find out more? If you’re not sure, read this article for some essential tips… If you’re thinking of refreshing your website, one of the most powerful changes you can make is to give […]

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