Getting Good Quality Website Content: First Drafts Are ALWAYS Rubbish

When you’re writing a website – or a book, or a newspaper article, or any other kind of prose – the creative process doesn’t end after you get to the final page. Far from it. Proofing and editing are absolutely essential, so here are some top tips for honing your rough first draft into something […]

How a ‘User Task List’ Helps Website User Experience

Summary How to create a user to do list. This task list, validated with actual customer feedback, is essential to a good website design. For your website to have a good user experience you will need to know what users want to do when they visit your site. Benefits Makes your website easier to use. More users […]

How to Attract Real Online Customers by Creating Fake Ones

One of the main stumbling blocks when it comes to creating content for your website is knowing exactly who you’re writing for, and using an appropriate tone of voice for that demographic. The easiest way to figure this out is to create a persona – a fictional character who represents your typical website audience – and write […]

Don’t Take That Tone With me… How to Get Business Website Content Right

Your website isn’t just for telling people about your products and services. It’s also a way to build your brand and let the personality of your business shine through. The tone of your site is extremely important. By using the right words and sentence structures, you can create a tone that is appropriate for your […]

Can a Web Designer Advise on Content Creation and Web Optimisation?

A successful business website needs three key ingredients: effective design, with web pages that look good and make it easy to find what you’re looking for a way to attract potential customers to visit the site content that helps you achieve your marketing objectives – for example, by encouraging customers to buy your products A […]

Google’s Panda Update: What Does It Mean for Your Website Content?

You might have noticed that I’ve mentioned Google’s Panda update a couple of times already in this blog. Released in the UK in April of this year, it’s one of the biggest shake-ups in the world of SEO and online content in recent years. Designed by Google genius Navneet Panda, it’s the latest version of […]

The Importance of Engaging Online Content

There are over 300 million websites out there and this figure is rising on a daily basis. A Google search for “plumbers in Reading” brings back almost 6 million results. Even a more specific search term like “emergency plumbers in West Reading” produces over 2.5 million results. With so much competition out there, it’s more […]

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