What Is Keyword Stuffing?

In today’s post I wanted to address something that I hear frequently from business owners looking to make an impact on search engines with struggling websites. “Can we supply you a list of keywords to appear on our site as we have been told that this will improve it’s performance on Google?” Undoubtedly, keywords are […]

How to Avoid Google Pandas & Penguins Impacting Your Online Marketing

If you’re involved in the online marketing of your website and you’ve not been hiding under a rock this year, you may have noticed that Google have been throwing zoo animals at the SEO world. These normally cute looking animals have been released into the SEO wilds since February with Google aiming to reward good […]

The Penguin Update Arrives (Google Webspam)

So we should all be familiar with the Panda update from last year, launched by Google to improve its search results by demoting poor quality sites and increasing the rank of higher quality ones. Looks like Google are tinkering with their algorithm again with the new name :  Penguin.  How very original..! So what is […]

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