What Is Keyword Stuffing?

In today’s post I wanted to address something that I hear frequently from business owners looking to make an impact on search engines with struggling websites. “Can we supply you a list of keywords to appear on our site as we have been told that this will improve it’s performance on Google?” Undoubtedly, keywords are […]

Penguin Update 1.1 ?

Google announced through Matt Cutts on Twitter last week that there has been a further update to it’s Penguin update launched last month.  Speculation is that it is labelled 1.1 but nobody really knows how many updates have been issued since the original on April 24th 2012. Some websites are known to have dropped from […]

How Google’s Panda and Penguin Updates Could Affect Your Website

With pressure on search engines to deliver relevant and informative websites to their users, the methods they use to rank websites are always changing. Search engines have to work in two directions at the same time – they need to promote popular, good quality content, but they also need to be able to identify and […]

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